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Asking for additional documents

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i applied as federal skill worker in Sep 2010. i got my file number in 11th Jan 2011 from Canada. i got my second file number from visa office Sydney, Australia  in February. after that in May 2011 they asked me update of bank statement .but until now there is not any news from visa office.

I sent an email to visa office and they replied that :your application is with visa office pending review ,the documentation requested from you in May were required by visa officer so a formal selection decision could be made on your application.
I am so worried about  delay in my file.what  is your idea? is there any problem in my file or it is normal for Iranian citizen ? besides my status in Canadian immigration web site is received by visa office.


First of all you have sent your application to Sydney Canada and not Australia. It seems you did it right otherwise you would not receive a file number.

Your application is under processing in Damascus and it is quite normal. There are thousands of people waiting like you and it is not an special situation. You should be glad that they asked additional documents from you that means at least they are doing something about it.

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    thank you for your email .i sent my application to Sydney Canada at first and i got file number. because i live in Australia my visa office is Sydney Australia and my file is processing in Australia.i know the visa office in Australia is processing files fast and many people got their visa but i do not know what is going on my file? may be it is about security check, is not it?

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