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Immigrating to Get Married, or Getting Married to Immigrate

۱۲ آذر ۱۳۹۲ ۵ دیدگاه


Ali Mokhtari

In its initial definition, marriage is a happy bond between two people and is indeed nothing but a legalization of the passion and the interest that exist between them. Sometimes, each of these two people is living in a different part of the world, yet a loving relationship has been formed between them anyway. In this case, immigration regulations come to the rescue of the lovers and allow them to lead their love life in a common land. In other words, one of them immigrates to the country where his/her beloved one lives in order to join him/her and get married. The dominant law in this regard is that the host countries pave the way for and respect this legitimate demand of the couples to be together and get them together as soon as possible. So far, this seems quite nice, quite humanitarian, but sometimes, couples have to wait a long time and face many obstacles in meeting their beloved ones. What are the reasons for this?

Since a larger number of people in Iran and many other countries decide to immigrate, yet immigration laws and regulations are becoming stricter and stricter every day, many people resort to shortcuts, even to cheating, to reach their goals. After exploiting asylum regulations, which are primarily intended for special cases and only for those whose lives are endangered in their home country, exploiting the immigration regulations for the spouses of the citizens of the host country is indeed prevalent. In other words, many people marry only for the sake of immigration and unlike the first group, try to find a person and to file a fake marriage in order to be admitted to the host country. On the other hand, there are some people who, for the sake of the money they thereby make, are willing to get involved in this illegal process and to help these fake couples. This process has turned into a business for some people who want to make a considerable amount of money quickly. A woman who had been living in Canada for many years came to me and asked me if it was possible to sponsor a third spouse. ادامه ی نوشته